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Tips on getting your home Stadia Ready


Get the best possible internet connection.

  • If you’re using your Chromecast Ultra, connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable. Your Chromecast Ultra can use Wi-Fi, but Ethernet will give you a better internet connection.
  • If you have a choice, use the 5GHz Wi-Fi band instead of the 2.4GHz band. Check with your Wi-Fi router’s manufacturer for instructions on how to switch. 
  • Place your router in a central location away from walls. If you’re using a TV, place it near your TV, but no closer than 2 feet. 
  • While you’re playing, make sure no one else is streaming videos on the same Wi-Fi network. This can cause too much traffic on your network and degrade your game streaming.

Get everything working from the start.

  • Make sure all your game-playing devices connected to Wi-Fi are on the same network.  These devices might include your phone, computer, controller and Chromecast Ultra. 
  • Before you set up your Chromecast Ultra, download the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. You’ll set up your Chromecast Ultra with the Home app
    • Note: You can control your Chromecast Ultra with the Home app. You don’t need a separate remote.

Get the most out of your TV experience.

  • Adjust your TV settings for optimal TV performance. Check with your TV manufacturer for instructions on how to change settings on your TV to do this. 
    • Turn on Game Mode and HDR. Game Mode reduces latency and allows a faster game response time. HDR enables High Dynamic Range colors. 
    • Turn off overscan and set the picture to fit the screen. When overscan is on, the edges of the picture are cropped and not displayed on the screen. 
  • To use 5.1 surround sound, connect your Chromecast Ultra directly to your audio receiver. You may also need to enable 4K HDMI pass-through mode on your audio receiver to enable 4K gameplay on your TV.
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