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Contracts Up For Renewal


Most of the channels we offer our customers are owned by media companies, not Troy Cablevision, Inc..  We obtain the rights to carry those channels via contracts with those companies.  In the next few months, our contracts for the channels listed below may expire.  We expect we will be able to reach agreements with the owners of these channels to continue carrying them well into the future.  Troy Cable has successfully renegotiated many expiring contracts over the years with little interruption in service.  However it is possible that the contracts listed below will not be renewed, causing us to no longer have the right to carry those channels on our systems.  Loss of any broadcast stations listed here would include loss of any multicast signals from those stations.  This site will be updated to reflect any status changes to the listed channels.


The part below will change as contracts are up for renewal:


4/30/23 Contract Expiration
Warner Brothers Discovery (WBD) Group
CNN, HLN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, truTV, Turner Classic Movies

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