How do I program the remote to work the TV?

    On the Nova remote, to use Quick Setup:

    1. Turn on your TV
    2. Press and hold "SETUP" until the light blinks twice
    3. Press the Device key for TV mode at the top
    4. Press and hold OK key until the TV powers off
    5. Release the OK button

    If Quick Setup fails to program the remote, try using the Auto Search method:

    1. Turn on your TV
    2. Press the corresponding Device Control key for TV 
    3. Press and hold “SETUP” key until the LED blinks twice
    4. Press number keys “9” - “9” - “1”
    5. Press “Power” key
    6. Press “CH +” key repeatedly until your device turns off
    7. Press and hold “SETUP” key until LED blinks twice to save the working code
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