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Single Sign On FAQ


FAQ - Single Sign On

What is Single Sign On?
Single Sign On (abbreviated SSO) is a way for Troy Cable to offer a variety of services, such as email and account management, under a single username and password.

Why is Troy Cable moving to SSO?
There are two main reasons for moving to SSO:

  • Troy Cable will be able to offer enhanced security because we will manage your account (instead of Google), including the storing of your password.
  • We will also offer you new services in the future, without requiring new login credentials. Everything will be accessed with one username and password.

When will SSO begin?
Due to the nature of the process there is not an exact time, but when you log in after it is implemented, you will most likely go through the process described below.

How will I log into my troycable.net email?
You will be able to log into your Troy Cable managed account here: webmail.troycable.net

Previously, you logged into email at www.gmail.com. Now, when you attempt to log in at gmail.com, you will see a brief message and be redirected to webmail.troycable.net. There you will be asked to log in again. The following screenshots show what you will see:

  1. You attempt to log in via Gmail.com.


  2. You will receive a message that the account is now managed by Troy Cable. Note that this message will disappear quickly, so you may not have time to read it.

  3. You will then be redirected to our new SSO login page.

  4. Once successfully logged in your account information will be migrated to the SSO database and you’ll be logged into your email.

Why can’t I log in at www.gmail.com (mail.google.com) anymore?
We have taken over management of your account from Google. Your login information is now stored in a safe, secure Troy Cable-managed database instead of at Google.

Is this new login page safe and secure?
Absolutely! Our Troy Cable login is completely safe and secure. We’re providing the highest level of protection for your information. The new login page is secured with an SSL certificate and your browser should display a lock icon next to the URL.

Why did you change the login page?
Since we now manage your account (username and password) instead of Google, we can provide you with enhanced security for your information. Plus, Troy Cable now has the ability to offer additional services, all of which you’ll be able to access using the same username and password. Those aren’t available yet, but we’ll let you know when we add services that you might be interested in.

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