New Webmail Platform

    We're Moving To A New Webmail Platform

    Troy Cable is moving email services away from Google to a new platform currently planned for May 20, 2015. What this means is a new look for your webmail, some new settings for your email software (like Outlook and Mac Mail), and for some people, a moderate change in functionality. The process will have us migrating email messages, webmail folders, your webmail contacts, and your email address to the new webmail platform. If there are other services you are using in your Troy Cable Google Account, you will need to download your content using Google Takeout to avoid losing it.

    What’s Staying the Same:

    • You will keep your email address.
    • Your Password will remain the same.
    • Email stored in your Google webmail account will be copied to the new webmail platform.
    • Webmail folders, contacts, and drafts will all be brought into the new webmail platform automatically.

    What’s Changing:

    • The Gmail App on smartphones will no longer work. However, your device has another email application that can be set up to work.
    • The Troy Cable webmail will have a new look.
    • Content that is left on Google Services will be unavailable once we switch to the new webmail, so be sure to download an Archive of your Data using Google Takeout (see the below instructions under Action Required).
    • The server names used in email software (such as Outlook, Mac Mail, or Thunderbird) and associated settings have changed.

    What Should You Do Before the Move?

    We will be sending out email notifications until the to users who are actively checking their email but have not made the necessary changes to their email software settings. Please understand that all programs that access email services must be using the new server settings in order to ensure that they will continue to work after the . Instructions for making these changes for most email software and mobile devices can be found by following the instructions below. 

    ACTION REQUIRED: You Must Save Your Other Data using Google Takeout

    Outside of email and contacts, content stored within Google for your account (such as files stored in your Google Drive, Calendar events, Picasa photo albums, or YouTube videos) will need to be saved BEFORE the cutover to avoid loss. Google provides this simple tool to create and download your content: 

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