Please call WDHN at 334-793-1818 and ask why local consumers have to fund record earnings on Wall Street.

    Troy Cablevision, Inc. has recently settled retransmission consent agreements with all the stations we carry in all markets we serve,with the exception of WDHN. This includes markets other than the Dothan area, including other stations that are ABC affiliates. We have offered similar retransmission carriage agreements to all broadcast stations to keep their programming on for our subscribers. We do not believe our subscribers will be willing to pay the rates being demanded for Troy Cablevision, Inc. to carry WDHN programming after 12.31.14.

    We have reached carriage agreements with Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc., owner of WDHN, in the past. We feel we have negotiated in good faith with all the stations we carry, which is substantiated by completed agreements with other stations.

    WDHN is owned and operated by Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc., a large public company that is traded under NXST on NASDAQ. The website reported in Article 2657625 dated November 7, 2014 Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc. CEO Perry Sook reported "record third quarter net revenue drove our highest ever third quarter broadcast cash flow". Sook said "Nexstar's financial performance reflects the ongoing benefits from... our growing retransmission consent revenues..." .

    Broadcast television is considered by many and by the FCC as a public resource, since it is freely transmitted over the air, to best serve public interest. We feel our customers should not be denied access to WDHN programming to satisfy record of Wallstreet earnings.

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